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We offer FREE Lab-Quality Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasounds

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Pregnancy Testing

We provide free, lab-quality pregnancy testing. You will receive immediate results on the day of your appointment and meet with our experienced staff to discuss your results and any questions and concerns you have.  We also provide pregnancy verification for Medicaid.

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Free Ultrasounds

The next step is to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound by our professional ultrasound technician. The ultrasound can determine:

* The gestational age (how far along you are)

* If your pregnancy is safely located in your uterus

* If the baby has a heartbeat


Hope 4 Life offers a free limited ultrasound to those who meet our criteria following a positive pregnancy test

We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL counseling services


So, you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant and just seen the ultrasound of the child in your womb…now what?  You probably have lots of thoughts racing through your mind and a million questions.  What’s next?  We offer free and confidential counseling services to address each and every concern that you have.  We also have a wealth of resources to guide you through solutions to medical services, housing, and food, just to name a few.



We offer FREE support with diapers, clothes, car seats, and more!


Maybe you’re a new mom and don’t know what kind of things you’ll need for your baby or maybe you already know what you need and feel overwhelmed.  Either way, we are here to help YOU!


We will fill the gap of any and all supplies to help your child grow and thrive, for as long as you need.  Whether it be diapers and wipes, clothes, a crib, or a new car seat we will see to it that you and your child have what you need.

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